Early Background

Early Background:

Iíve been lucky: Iíve gotten to experience and do a huge variety of things that now give me skills, knowledge, insights, and ideas for facing our common challenges.

I know about struggle and poverty. My elementary-school days were spent in one of the poorest, harshest city housing projects in North America, in the north central district of Philadelphia. I witnessed things, and experienced things, that still haunt me; things that a child should never face. All of us there would dream about leaving, about waking up in a better place and in a better time. My family did leave: a city counselor convinced my father to go back to school, learn a skill, get a job, and move us out. And he did just that.

I learned a lot through that life: I learned to love people deeply, to appreciate everyone, to understand each person. I learned about how we can work together to make change happen. I learned that we can and must make choices in our lives; that we can change our lives. I learned to not accept anything just because it was the official belief or official statement: I learned to inquire, probe, think, analyze, and then develop my own answers.

I learned that helping someone get a roof is only the beginning, and if we only help someone get a roof, it will not be enough.

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